Horse Was Starving And Staring At Death, Until This Woman Knew What To Do

May 17, 2018 VIDEOS


Nothing hurts a kind-hearted human than seeing an animal suffer, and more so if they’re suffering from something that can be solved. The case of this poor horse is heartbreaking at the start but ends with a warmed heart. It’s lovely!

At just 4 years of age, Benny was abandoned. He was left all hungry and alone. He became emaciated and helpless.

He dropped and waited for the angel of death. Turns, the angels who showed up were actually humans.

The people from the Last Stop Horse Rescue saved Benny and took him to the sanctuary. He couldn’t stand on his own and they had to put him in a sling to balance on. For the next 2 weeks, they fed and nurtured him back to health till she could stand on him own. He was doing great!

Now see this video and witness this incredible miracle. This is Benny after 6 months at the sanctuary. He’s cool, healthy and cute. He came in weighing about 500 pounds. Now he has added 400 more. He’s happy!

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