Heroic Gas Station Clerk Stops A Kidnapper In His Tracks!

January 12, 2017 VIDEOS


Manveer Komer is a true hero that deserves to be honored! This gas station clerk noticed something strange when a man and woman entered his store. They went straight to the ATM and tried to withdraw money. When they could not, they walked up to the counter and the man used the woman’s credit card to purchase cigarettes. It turns out this man had kidnapped her earlier in the day, stealing her car and making her stop at ATM machines to steal her money.

Manveer did something most people would not do! As the two were leaving, he stood between her and the kidnapper and let him know he would not be taking her with him. Manveer pretended to be reaching in his pocket for a weapon and that is when the kidnapper drove off in the woman’s car. Thankfully, the police were able to track down the kidnapper via the woman’s cell phone. Check out this shocking video and Please SHARE on Facebook.

ABC News

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