Her horse has never been in water, but when he touches the water his reaction is priceless

April 8, 2019 VIDEOS


Every “first time” event is memorable for humans, but what about for animals? Whether it is our baby’s first steps or winning something for the first time, all of them are special and memorable. I think it might just be the same for animals as well, because their memory of events is part of what makes it easy to bond with them. Remember how scared you were while learning swimming for the first time? Do you think an animal would have this same experience? Even just remembering this fear gives us thrill, and I think that like humans, animals too have their own first time fears and memories.

This video shows the reaction of a horse when he touches water for the first time. The adorable horse was too scared and uncomfortable at first, but then slowly he started getting comfortable as his owner calmed him. Horses can’t judge depth which is why they don’t like water or even stairs. Water might look like a solid surface to them, but when they step in it and find out it isn’t, they often get frightened to go any further.


But, when this horse finally touches the water, he has the most precious and hilarious reaction ever. I loved to see how much the horse enjoyed playing with water. She even had her owner completely soaked up in water.

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