Have You Heard How Chicken Sneezes

September 11, 2019 VIDEOS


The web has now circled a video clip from 2012 in which an unusual scene can be seen. The owner of the hen captured a rare moment on camera when the animal sneezed in front of him.

And what was the result? To date, the video has accumulated almost 7 million views only on the Youtube network…

The author of the video said that he and his family live in the countryside of Brisbane, Australia, where they have many animals. Among them, hens can also be found, and one night owner captured a special scene on the camera.

On the recording, he wrote that he heard a strange sound one night, so he studied the whole thing. He was worried that a snake could attack the chicken, but this was not the case. When he came to the chicken, he quickly realized that it was the “culprit” for strange sounds. Hen was sneezing, so the scene was filmed on a mobile phone and the video was shared online.

Listen to the sound of sneezing chicken! It’s amazing that a video clip got so much attention online

Source: klipland

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