Head Full Of Honey’ Follows A Family Battling Alzheimers

November 14, 2018 VIDEOS


A very relevant and moving film, “Head Full of Honey” brings to light the struggles of memory loss and Alzheimer’s. Many families find themselves battling this crisis today.

Starring Nick Nolte, Matt Dillon, and Emily Mortimer, “Head Full Of Honey”, tackles head on how the family dynamic can change due to someone wading through the challenges brought on by Alzheimer’s. Nick Nolte portrays the grandfather who finds himself in these challenges which are escalated after his wife’s recent death.

As the family tries to figure out ways to help their patriarch’s forgetfulness, the granddaughter gets an idea that takes her and her grandfather on a beautiful adventure together. Traveling back to the places where the grandparents met and lived, the family help their grandfather to remember by reliving and enjoying the time they have left together. Though a remake of a German film by the same name, be prepared with a box of tissues but expect bouts of joy as well as you wade through this family’s remarkable story.

Alzheimer’s Disease has touched almost every family. With rising healthcare costs, many adult children are bringing their aging parents into their own homes. These family caregivers are often at a loss of how to take on the new challenges and stress brought about with caring for their loved ones daily. This touching movie sheds light on one family’s experience while hoping to inspire those who are already undergoing life with Alzheimer’s. It’s very easy in our culture to leave our seniors on the sidelines thanks to our busy lifestyles. Taking advantage of the time left with the loved one who is struggling with memory loss is the overarching theme of the movie thus, “Head Full Of Honey” will find an applicable place in everyone’s hearts this time of year.

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