Handsome Dad Films Himself With Baby Girl Making Hearts Skip A Beat Moment Sultry Voice Emerges

October 12, 2018 VIDEOS


There’s something about a man holding a baby that can make anyone’s heart melt, especially when the man is easy on the eyes, too. So when one dad was taking care of his baby girl at home he thought it’d be a good idea to film himself singing her a beautiful song. His baby girl had been crying a lot that day and he found that singing to her tended to calm her down. Dad loves to sing so he played one of his favorite songs and got right down to it.

As a fan of soulful classics dad knew just what he wanted to play for his baby girl. The music starts to play and the song “A Change Is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke fills the room. Dad clutches his baby girl in his arms when the music suddenly starts and dad belts out an absolutely stunning, soulful voice. His baby girl simply looks on and watches her daddy as dad continues to sing. Just seconds into singing his daughter chimes in and tries to belt out her little voice too. Dad continues to sing and his daughter loves her animated daddy cradling and bouncing her around from left to right.

Not losing any steam, dad powers through the song and his daughter gingerly places her head on his shoulder. The sight is absolutely precious. Just as dad is finishing the song his other daughter walks in and the busy dad finds himself cradling both girls in his arms. A toddler and a baby. Since posting the video his voice went viral and it’s easy to see why. Hear him for yourself in the video below.

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