Man Fed Up With Climate Change Protesters Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

January 2, 2020 VIDEOS


Many protesters cross the line of acceptance with their actions. This was also the case in a video from San Francisco when one man had it enough.

He took the right into his own hands and, thanks to the video, became a real sensation online!

A group of protesters decided to make a bold move near the University of San Francisco – at one of the intersections they completely stopped the traffic, but their action was not long underway.

Having pissed off many commuters on their way to work, the passing pedestrian took the right into his own hands!

First, he ripped a banner from the protesters, threw it to the other side of the fence, and then even shattered a cell phone of one of the protesters. Some people think that he has gone too far, while others support his move.

Source: Klipland

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