Guests Film Strange Circle Of Bubbles In Water Only To Be Stunned By Creatures Lurking Beneath

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September 25, 2018 VIDEOS


One of the most magical getaways lies 50 air miles from Port Hardy, British Columbia, in the form of a floating wood lodge. Called Great Bear Lodge, this location in Canada is best known for its ample wildlife viewing areas and encourages guests to search for grizzly bears and other creatures wandering around the rainforest-like area.

The guests staying at Great Bear Lodge received quite a surprise early one morning. It wasn’t grizzly bears that a naturalist spied, but something else just as incredible. The guests hustle outside, some even clad in their robes, to see what the naturalist is going crazy about.

Her gestures are too funny to watch, but we understand why. Any noise might scare away the extra guests lounging around in the gorgeous tree-lined cove. Fog shrouds the water, but there’s no mistaking what’s frolicking in front of them.

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