Group Of Boys Begins Talent Show Dance Performance, Moments Later Audience Erupts In Laughter

October 28, 2018 VIDEOS


a band called OK Go released “Here It Goes Again,” a fun, radio-friendly pop hit that has a pretty fantastic gimmick — the music video. Now, this may not seem all that special. But, at the time the song was released, music videos were becoming less popular. At one time, the music channel MTV was devoted to music videos, but it was becoming a place for reality television shows.

The videos that became popular were huge, big budget movie-like affairs, sometimes even directed by Hollywood movie directors. More people were watching music videos online, but it seemed that they weren’t that important, anymore. Enter OK Go.

OK Go tapped into the fading popularity of huge production music videos, as well as the increase in online videos. Fun, clever, inventive videos were going viral and garnering a ton of attention. Most of these “viral videos” weren’t music videos. But, what if they combined the two?

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