Granny Struggles To Read Kid’s Book Without Laughing, And It’s Cracking Everyone Up

November 3, 2018 VIDEOS


A good children’s book delights not only the child but the adult reading it too. If you can entertain both the kid and big kid, you’ve got yourself a fabulous book. It’s like a movie where it looks like it’s meant for kids, but the writing touches on issues grown-ups can relate to as well. Everyone who watches it enjoys it!

The book in the video below is no different. It is so funny and invites everyone to have a good laugh. It’s impossible to make it through from cover to cover without cracking a rib from giggling. This grandma proves it right from the get-go, and it’s non-stop fun, guaranteed!

Grandma is at home with her grandson spending a little quality time together. They’re nestled up on a couch in a blanket, ready to crack open a brand new book and get reading! She reads the title, “The Wonky Donkey” by Craig Smith and you immediately know with a title like that it’s gotta be good. The baby is so cute and still, ready to be read to as this Scottish grandma gets geared up to take this book on.

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