Grandma’s Dogs Bark Madly In Yard. The Moment She Realizes What’s Happening, She Grabs The Kids and Runs

March 7, 2018 Videos

The dog may be man’s best friend, but there’s no guarantee that none of these creatures ever turns violent. On that note, it’s safe to opine that most of the times this happens turns out to be the best thing that could’ve happened to handle a bad scenario. Case in point is what happened in this grandma’s backyard. You’ll be stunned!

So it happened that Melissa Butt was with her two grandchildren at her home. Zayden and Mallory were playing in the backyard when Melissa suddenly heard some aggressive barking by her own dogs. She tried to call the two dogs but they didn’t come in as they always did. She knew something was obviously off. When she went out to check? She was shocked!

She grabbed the kids and got them out of their swiftly while the dogs foamed in the mouth while barking hard. Turns out, the canines were actually working hard to save the humans. They got engaged in one heck of a fight that had them injured. The rescuers arrived and saved their lives. These dogs are heroes, and you definitely want to know the full story. Watch the clip and SHARE!

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