Gorilla Checks the Record of Touching an Injured bird

November 29, 2020 VIDEOS


Nowadays, a video from the Australian state of New South Wales has appeared on the Internet, which captures breathtaking photographs of visitors to the zoo.

A wounded bird with gorillas was found here, and one of the gorillas turned to those who loved the bird and took care of it.

The video was filmed at the zoo on November 10 this year, in which a gorilla follows an excited reaction when he sees a wounded bird in front of him. During the flight, the bird crashed into a glass barrier and got stuck in a helpless place.


The gorilla cautiously approached the wounded bird and then gently touched it. I wanted to make sure the bird was okay.

He tried to catch a bird, and the video immediately became an online sensation on YouTube – in just a few days it gained over 360,000 views. Watch a soft gorilla groom an injured bird at the New South Wales Zoo.

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