Girl Gets Bullied But When Boy Finds Out He Shows Up To Her House For Reason She’ll Never Forget

November 11, 2018 VIDEOS


For the most part everyone unfortunately experiences bullying. And for those that don’t – consider yourself lucky because bullying can stay with you for years.

When it comes to growing up, bullies tend to come out and make their presence known in the time when one is just discovering who they are as a person. This can lead to confusion or self doubt about oneself which no one ever likes to feel. Not only that but being taunted and made fun of can have an effect on your psyche, which is especially vulnerable at a young age.

When a little girl in El Paso, Texas recently moved to a new school she was anxious and excited about the change. But upon arriving that excitement quickly turned to dread when she struggled to make new friends. The tiny blonde girl had been friendly to everyone but had just managed to make friends with one little boy in her class, who quickly became her best friend.

One day she found herself being bullied by a group of girls at her school. Upset and sad, she wanted to call her best friend to cheer her up. So she set out to call him. But what she didn’t expect was her best friend to tell his mom to drive him over to her house for a special surprise.
Unbeknownst to the little girl her best friend had a special surprise up his sleeve to make her feel better. So when she got a knock on her front door to come outside she found her bestie standing in front of his moms car. That’s when the little boy did something incredible.

With mom, Ruby Jimenez, looking on her young son blasts the song “Count On Me” by Bruno Mars and begins to serenade his best friend. The sight is absolutely heartwarming. As the little girl watches her best friend she is in awe of the length he’s gone through just to make her feel better.

But the best part of all happens at the end when the little boy finishes up his song. Their touching reaction is melting hearts all over the internet. It’s incredible what the heart of a child can do for others.

Source: Facebook/Clarice Tinsley / Sharetap

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