Girl Asks Grandpa To Tap Dance For Her Recital Breaking Out In Moves Sending Crowd To Their Feet

October 12, 2018 VIDEOS


Every child needs a role model and when a child is young their role models tend to be other family members that they are close to. For 10-year-old Maeve, her role model is her 72-year-old grandpa. So when Maeve needed a partner for her tap duo performance in her summer dance recital she knew just who to ask!

Grandpa was absolutely thrilled and flattered that Maeve thought of him first and happily agreed, but that meant both had to practice together multiple times to make sure their routine was a hit! After only 6 classes to learn and practice their routine, it came time for their big recital performance. Being so young, Maeve was nervous but her grandma didn’t look the slightest bit nervous as they both took the stage. Donning an adorable blue and white striped dress Maeve takes her grandpas hand as they’re both announced to the stage to take center stage hand in hand. Maeve takes a deep breath to shake off her jittery nerves and grandpa stands across from her.

The music starts and they both start tapping their feet away. Grandpa may be 72-years-old but don’t let his age fool you because he’s still got it. The crowd woos and cheers for them throughout the performance and at the end grandpa pulls a cartwheel move that makes everyone cheer. His granddaughter looks on lovingly at her grandpa and the sight is just so sweet. When mom re-watched the touching footage afterward she knew she had to share it with friends and family. That’s when it quickly went viral. There is no other love like that of a grandparent towards their grandchild and this footage is the perfect proof.

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