Dachshund Dog Gets A New Best Friend As Duckling Hatches From Egg

September 23, 2019 VIDEOS


The unusual animal friendship proves all over again that life in harmony is very possible. This is also evidenced by the cute video that has surrounded the web these days.

In it, all the attention was stolen by a dog and barely hatched duckling!

The owner of the dachshund and duckling wrote that their duck, which had been rescued a few years ago, had hatched some eggs in the yard. As they lay there, the owner placed them in an incubator in the hope that ducklings would be hatched.

And one really hatched! A small duckling hatched from one egg, which quickly got a new friend – a dog named Loulou!

The owner wrote at the recording that the animals are inseparable, and a real brotherly bond had formed between them. The dog keeps an eye on the duckling, while duckling returns him with a great deal of love!

Source: Klipland

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