Dog Accidentally Gets Locked Out At 2am And Rings The Doorbell With Her Nose

November 10, 2019 VIDEOS


We are all aware of the fact that dogs are very smart animals. Recently, a video recorded by a surveillance camera landed online.

The puppy stayed outside the door in the middle of the night, so she rang the bell to alert the owners in a very adorable way!

The Web was surrounded by a video from McDonough, Georgia, when a dog named Chika was accidentally left outside in the cold around 2am. She approached the door and then rang the bell with her nose to wake the owners.

She waited patiently for her owners Robert and Angelia Fox, then went back to the door again and rang once again – this time with her paw.

Because the owners were asleep, they did not hear her the first time, but when Chika rang the bell the second time, her venture was successful. The owners opened the door and let her into the house, and the video has already exceeded half a million views!

Source: KlipLand

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