Gemma Stafford Creates A Decadent Orange And Chocolate Cake

January 19, 2017 VIDEOS


There is just something special about the flavor combination of chocolate and orange that just satisfies the taste buds! In this video, Gemma Stafford is making her gorgeous chocolate and orange cake that is so full of flavor, it will make you want to bake it! Besides the taste, the best part of this recipe is how truly easy it is to make.

If you watch the entire video, you will find out how truly easy this recipe is to create. Gemma makes it super simple to create delicious baked goods because she never wants new bakers to feel discouraged and think they cannot do it. This is the perfect cake for any special occasion but is especially perfect for the holidays. If you love chocolate and oranges, you are not going to want to miss this video so you can learn how to make this beautiful cake. Enjoy watching and Please SHARE on Facebook.

Gemma Stafford

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