Janitor drops to his knees when his coworkers raise $7,000 for a new car for him



Robert Reed Elementary School staff raised more than $ 10,000 to buy him a truck. When he received the news, Reid was shocked and thanked and fell to his knees. He does not go to his car every day during working hours.

Robert Reid spent four months at Farmington Elementary School in Germantown, Tennessee, and always smiled.

The 60-year-old janitor, who was loved by students and teachers, was looking for a new way to help his school even after he completed his duties.

“He is not too big or too small without work,” he said. I want to create a safe, clean, clean environment for students … ”, Reed told WREG News on Channel 3.

Everyone at the school said: “Mr. Robert is adding sunlight to our school.” But over time, they did all this work for Mr. Robert and remained friendly. ”

Raid didn’t have a car, so he had to catch three buses and drive two miles to get to school. Then, when he returned home that night, he did all this.

He had very good relations with his teachers and staff, so he was able to get on the bus a few days later, but most of the days he left work from 15:00 and did not return home until 7:00.

But then the school took steps to restore Reed’s politeness and sincerity. In just 20 hours, they raised $ 7,000 to help their friend and coworker buy a car. By the time the fundraising ended, they had brought in more than $ 10,000.

Reid received a present in an emotional video. He burst into tears because of his companions.

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