French Bulldog Shows His Owners He Truly Cannot Stomach Fermented Fish

May 6, 2018 VIDEOS


The cute French Bulldog in this video clearly does not like what his owner is serving up for dinner. As he is offered a bite of the smelly fermented fish, he immediately begins retching as if he can barely stand the smell, let alone the look of the food. The poor fellow immediately vomits because the fish is so defiled in his eyes. Poor little guy! It is for sure the owner will not have to worry about him begging for those scraps!

This little cutie hates smelly fish. Perhaps, if he was a cat, this might be a luxurious treat. To him, it is as if he has been offered the vilest of food choices. The little dog looks so cute but he cannot stomach that nasty fish. Hopefully, his owners will know not to offer it to him next time! If you think this little cutie is too adorable for words, Please SHARE on Facebook so all can enjoy the video.

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