Four-Year-Old Twins Perform “The Nutcracker” On Ice!

January 19, 2017 VIDEOS


These twins are absolutely adorable and the way they ice skate is amazing for their age! They have worked very hard for this performance and it shows! For them to have been able to learn all the moves they needed to learn, is quite amazing. Seeing this twin combo team perform on the ice is sure to make you smile because they do not miss a single move.

This “Nutcracker” performance is one of the most adorable you have ever seen. It is so funny to see these pint-sized cuties gliding across the ice and working so hard to make sure they do not forget their parts. This little boy and girl are the cutest little skaters in the world. Do not miss the fall by the little boy. He pulls it off beautifully and never misses a beat! Enjoy and Please SHARE on Facebook so everyone can enjoy the video.

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