Four Boys Leave BGT Judges Speechless With Impossible Card Magic Trick

May 31, 2019 VIDEOS


The British talent show is in full swing, and at the last audition, a group of four boys who hear with the 4MG name presented this time.

The young men deal with a lot of illusions and tricks, and with these actions, they also took over many in the hall together with four judges.

This time, tehy impressed the judges with an extraordinary performance in which they used the decks of cards. Each of the judges had to choose his card, and the boys were revealing their choices one after another.

And not only that – in the end, all those gathered in the hall were shocked with an unexpected result!

Take a look at the appearance of the 4MG group who have convinced all the judges and many of those present in the hall at the audition of Britain’s Got Talent. Can you find an explanation for their magic?

What do you think?