She fostered a dog who was abandoned at a gas station — Then she realized he’s meant to stay forever

May 26, 2018 VIDEOS


Ralph was found at a gas station where he was abandoned and dumped. He was sleeping at the petrol station. Ralph was covered in fleas and ticks, and his health was in danger. But that could not let the rescue group, Sidewalk Specials, to save him as 14 days had to go by to give room for the owners to find him.

Unlike other dogs, Ralph fall asleep during vetting. The foster was afraid of a street dog living in her home with her daughter. But Ralph was different.

Ralph is not hard to maintain as he had thought previously. He finds help from her daughter. She has found a friend for her daughter. Ralph is so friendly.

Ralph has undergone incredible transformation since his adoption. He is one extra-ordinary dog you will ever meet. By watching him in the clip below you will learn why it is important to participate in the rescue of the many homeless dogs that are out there.

Watch the video to see Ralph’s remarkable transformation. What do you think about everything?

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