Flower Girl Makes Sure To Empty Her Entire Basket Of Petals

October 30, 2018 VIDEOS


There’s no such thing as a perfect wedding! No matter how long you plan, what details you scour over and family members you’ve tasked with helping ensure things go smoothly, there’s going to be something that goes awry! While not every wedding may end up with a big blooper, it’s easy to assume something is going to happen when you involve rambunctious flower girls and ring bearers in the ceremony. Thankfully, this wedding had one special moment that left all of the guests in tears (in a good way). It all began when the first two adorable flower girls started their journey down the aisle. Behind them, a third flower girl tagged along – it seemed as though she was just “going with the flow.”

At first, the smallest flower girl was unsure of her job and didn’t think to throw any petals. But then she realized her important job description and saved her shining moment until the second she reached the end of the aisle! As soon as she hit the altar, the girl started dumping handfuls of flowers! Upon seeing the girl’s panicked petal spreading, laughter began to fill the nave!

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