Flower Girl Gets Down Aisle Prompting Hysterical Outcome Moment She Stands Before Pastor

July 10, 2019 Videos

Wedding is always in the face of good will, laughter and fun. If it is a church wedding, many wedding guests are eagerly waiting for the arrival of the bride in the church.

This was the case with the wedding in a video, but before the bride, the little girl who was carrying flowers stole all the attention.

She entered the church with a lovely boy, and all the eyes of the guests were on them. They successfully reached the altar, and there the girl took care of the laughter among the guests in the church with her act.

Her companion stepped to the groom’s side, but the girl stopped on the steps just before the altar.

One of the guests at the wedding came to help her, who escorted the girl to the top of the stairs. There, the little girl looked at the priest, and with her next move, she made all the people present laughing. Take a look at what she did next to the altar to deliver the dose of laughter among the guests!

Source: klipland

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