Florida Police Stop Girlfriend So Her Boyfriend Can Propose

September 9, 2018 Videos


his driver is about to be thrilled she got pulled over, as it was all a ploy for her boyfriend to propose! Police say the woman’s boyfriend, Kenneth, walked into the Miami Beach Police Department asking for help, to which they instantly agreed. It’s a move that has become a trend in the proposal world. Officers across the country have been seen stopping people in the name of love .
And that’s when the man, identified as Kenneth, got down on one knee, held out a ring and said, “I just want you to marry me.”

A video tweeted by Miami Beach Police shows her covering her face, saying “Oh my God … crazy.”

She tells the officer she doesn’t know what to say. She looks back at her boyfriend, waiting on bended knee, and looks closer at the ring.

Finally, she says “Yes,” and police say “Congratulations, guys!”

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