Flight Crew Gets On Intercom, Has Passengers In Stitches

October 20, 2018 VIDEOS


Most of us love to take vacations, but sometimes we don’t get nearly enough time off work to visit all the fun places on our bucket list. So, it’s no wonder that we try to make our vacations as amazing as possible! Unfortunately, there’s just one annoying thing that can put a damper on our tropical beach or jungle adventure plans – the actual travel part. Flying is the most popular way to cross great distances in the least amount of time, but dealing with the airlines and customer service is a whole other ball game.

No matter which airline you fly with, you’re unnecessarily exposing yourself to long airport security queues, lost baggage, delayed flights, and unruly passengers. But, have you ever just had one of those flights that you can’t get out of your mind because of how much fun you had? Passengers on a Southwest Airlines flight knew they were in for a hilarious good time when a flight attendant hopped onto the intercom and announced, “We would love to welcome you to Maui. Wait, we’re in Minneapolis.” Oh, darn!

Humor has a way of easing stress and reducing anxiety, and this flight attendant was definitely a winner with her funny one-liners! Between her safety announcements about tray tables and seat belts, she inserted cute quips like, “We’ll tell Captain Kirk and Boy Wonder you’re used to a screeching halt at the gate.” Oh, and don’t forget, “Be careful about opening up the overhead bins, because you know… shift happens.” Ha ha! Watch the funny below to see just how well this flight crew treats their extended airline family.

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