Father Gives a Speech at His Daughter’s Wedding, He Surprises her with a tear-Jerking Rendition of a Song

June 30, 2020 VIDEOS


An exciting video about a father choosing a special surprise for his daughter’s wedding was very inspiring on the Internet.

Today, his work on YouTube is watched by almost half a million viewers around the world.

A few years ago, the bride in the video had a very serious car accident. As a result, he could not speak, and at first he used sign language to communicate with his parents and friends.

They made communication easier, especially because sign language was a big problem for his father. Messages were written on the blackboard, and he got married a few years after he was restored.

Dad prepared a wonderful show for the bride. In 2006, Heartland’s “I Like It For The First Time” was introduced in the background, and the texts were written in sign language. Surprise will bring tears to the bride, and the video will make your day beautiful.

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