Family Gives Grandma Gift Box With Kitten Inside – Her Comeback Is Melting Everyone’s Hearts

February 22, 2018 VIDEOS


Kids will ask for pets for Christmas gifts. They beg their parents all year round hoping their pleas materialize on Christmas Day. The older people sometimes harbor such dreams.

One grandma always wanted to have a kitten. She wanted a pet that would keep her company. Her family was determined to make her dream come true. They went out of their way on Christmas Day to surprise her.

One of the family members hands grandma a heavy box. Grandma has no idea what the box contains. She carefully holds the box in her lap and removes the lid. For a moment, she is taken aback. Something squeals from the box causing her to jump.

A black puppy emerges from the box. Grandma’s reaction is priceless. She hugs the cat closely almost shedding tears. It was a surprise she did not anticipate.

Watch what unfolded in the video below and see the priceless look on grandma’s face. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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