Faamai wants Lek to sing a Lullaby to Baby Elephant, Thong Ae

August 31, 2020 ANIMALS VIDEOS


Today, the Internet is again surrounded by stunning videos shown in 2018.

Faa Mai gave him a special task for his guardian and made a photo for tourists.

The photo, made in an elephant park in Thailand, has already garnered more than a million views on YouTube. Faa Mai brought all the attention to herself and gave her guardian a special task.

The elephant was tired of being photographed in front of the cameras, and his guardian Yaku realized that it was time to do something else.

During the slow walk, she pushed the caretaker all the way to the baby elephant Thong Ae, all for a special reason. In this way, the elephant asked Iek to sing a lullaby to the elephant cub, how many intelligent elephants.

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