Eppard family gets their bundle of joy

January 6, 2019 VIDEOS


Do you think that you are blessed to have born in this full-of-wonder world? Undoubtedly each baby born in this world is special. They bring happiness to the family and the relatives. They are the small bundle of joy that enriches our lives with their charms. We generally look at the scheduled time when the baby comes out to enlighten us.

But there are some unusual cases that astonish us. Talking about this unique case, the birth story of Beauden Mathew James Eppard was I in 33,000. Although the birth of each and every baby is worthy of celebration but in this case, the celebration was due to some other reason.

Timing really matters when a baby is going to come. But in this case, the timing was really extraordinary. The doctors scheduled him to born on 17th July but the little man had his own plans. A few weeks earlier from the scheduled delivery, the mother experienced labor pain for 24 hours. Ultimately her doctors had to decide for C-section. The dad hoped that the baby will take birth on 1st July. But the surprise birth of the baby was really an extraordinary event.

The family considers the baby to be the lucky charm for the family. Jim Morrisette, the Grandpa, was really enjoying getting the news. However, the males of the Eppard family do have a tradition through four generation back. They consider it to be just blind luck. The four generations are now ready to share special bonding between them. See this video to see the luckiest day of the family.

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