Elvis Presley Performs American Trilogy

January 18, 2017 VIDEOS


There is none like Elvis Presley and never will there be! This is what his many, many fans believe and so far it appears they are right! In this video, you will get to experience the true Elvis and how he performed before his fans. He loved God and his country and this performance shows that. Here, he is singing a medley of songs and they will touch your heart!

Elvis was and is an icon that will never die. His music lives on in the hearts of his fans and even new generations continue to embrace him. Elvis truly loved his fans and he wanted to please them. The show always had to go on, no matter what! In this video, you will see him performing in Aloha From Hawaii. His music touched the heart of many and his legend lives on long after his death. Enjoy this patriotic performance and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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