Elvis Impersonator Serenades Elderly Woman at Arkansas Walmart

December 17, 2018 VIDEOS


Walmart seems to be the new “it” spot. Forget the latest 5-star restaurant or social club where people go to see and be seen. Scrap that, because everyone is turning to Wal-Mart for more than its inventory of almost everything you could ever need – a serenade by Elvis included!

Rather than stopping there for pretty much anything, people are going to the superstore to kick-start their careers, propose to a loved one and now, dress up as a famous person and sing for everyone! You never know what you’re going to get when you walk in. From yodeling kids to Elvis, I guess anything is possible!

In this video, at a Walmart in Rogers, Arkansas, USA, a man is dressed head to toe in Elvis Presley’s classic white jumpsuit. The unidentified impersonator was making his rounds around the store singing a heartfelt version of “Can’t Help Falling In Love” over the intercom system. While it was well-received and people enjoyed his serenading, there was one fan who got a little extra special treatment. A mesmerized woman in a wheelchair was sitting nearby singing along by herself when he walked over and joined her. He grabbed her hand, and they sang the song as a duet together.

It was warehouse manager, Don Luper, who filmed the whole exchange while shopping at the store for some last minute items for the long weekend. “I had run to Walmart to pick up a few supplies on Memorial Day when I happened to capture this heartwarming moment; it made me happy to see such a sweet gesture,” Don told The Daily Mail. “It seemed like the lady was taken back in time and was singing to the King himself — it had clearly made her day.”

And, it’s incredible to see the impact that Elvis left behind, decades after his death. He’s still got a huge fan base, and it’s obvious his memory still lives on. And this woman? She just got a little extra love and attention. Reportedly, the impromptu duet ended with Elvis giving the woman his blue scarf and a smooch on the cheek! Plus, a nice trip down memory lane. This must have brought her back to a time when all the girls dreamed about Elvis spending a little extra time with them. And now, she’s the one dancing and singing with the King! Awww!


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