Elephant Gives Birth To Calf In Empty Field. Seconds Later, Herd Comes Stampeding Their Way.

December 5, 2018 VIDEOS


Many would agree that the process of developing and delivering new life on our planet is one of the most beautiful and miraculous experiences someone can ever encounter. It is an incident so close to many hearts. Despite it being hard work, many would say they’d do it all over again just for the joy it brings to them from the moment of conception to the actual birth.

However, some people may think that animals giving birth do not receive the same emotional experiences and appreciation for creating life as us humans. Rather, some see this a simple aspect of the circle of life. A lot of people believe other animals witnessing new life being brought into our world is just a natural experience in which only the mother and child need to be a part of for the sake of maternal instincts.

These notions, however, get proved false once we witness an elephant give birth in the middle of a safari.

After squatting early on in the video, we witness the mother elephant delivering her new calf on a rainy day. The baby is still weak and unable to stand. We only presume both the mother and the baby are left alone, but shortly after the birth, we hear several loud trumpets off into the distance, drawing closer.

The next thing you know, mother and baby are greeted by the rest of the herd with flapping ears, wagging tails, and swaying trunks. The group surrounds the duo as a way to both welcome the young one and as a means to protect the weak calf from any potential danger.

While it is only natural for a herd of elephants to circle a new born to ensure its latest member has an optimal chance of survival, it nevertheless was a sweet and loving experience we are grateful was caught on film for us.

Be sure to watch the video below to experience the event first-hand!

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