Elderly Owner Is Left Behind On A Walk, But Loyal Dog Knows Just What To Do

May 16, 2019 VIDEOS


We often call dogs man’s best friends as they are faithful, loving, and attentive to their owners. We can always count on our dogs to wait at the front door for us to return home, sit on our laps when we are lonely, and simply listen to us without judging us. The loyalty dogs manifest is one of the most fruitful characteristics these adorable animals have.

While not all of us have had the opportunity to own a pet dog ourselves, many of us have, however, witnessed in person and in movies just how easy these creatures are to bond with. Dogs enjoy playing with us, going on long walks with us, and indulging in our company as we enjoy theirs.

In fact, we have proof of just how incredible the canine species can be! Video footage caught by an onlooker of a man walking his dog that has earned over 319,000 video views to date and is leaving a smile on everyone’s faces.

In the video, we witness an elderly man with a walker going on a stroll with his beloved dog. Although the big pup is not leashed, it is clear that he is well-trained, so trained that he knows how far he must walk before he stops to patiently wait for his owner behind him! The dog does not try to get ahead or even run off in the opposite direction; he slowly walks, stops, and looks back at his owner before taking further steps. How thoughtful!

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