Eager Dog Desperately Wants To Jump Into Pool, Result Will Make Your Day

May 16, 2019 VIDEOS


These days, a pretty cute video clip landed on the web in which we can see dog named Christy.

According to the owner’s words, Christy the West Highland Terrier had no access to the swimming pool, where she always likes to refresh herself.

Her owner says she always has fun in the swimming pool. She likes to jump into the water, but also enjoys swimming. Since in these days the owner did not let her go in the pool for five straight days, it was now time for a jump again!

The owner opened the door to the pool, and the cute scene was filmed on the camera completely.

Look at how happy was Christy about the pool and refreshments, after she had no access to the pool in the last five days. Do your puppies also enjoy water activities?

Source: klipland

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