Ice Skating Duo Puts On A Heartfelt Show To “Hallelujah,” Bringing Audience To Tears

September 11, 2019 Videos

Do you recall when you put on roller skates for the very first time? There were probably quite a few falls and off-balanced moments, you know, until you eventually got the hang of it. Well, when it comes to ice-skating, many find that it’s more complex. Thus, it’s no surprise that the average age for professional ice-skaters in the U.S. Olympic team is 22.26-years-old.

But, a pair of elementary-aged Russian ice-skaters proves that you can be great at gliding on ice no matter how young you are. As the boy and girl are engaged in a “romantic” ice-skating performance to Rufus Wainwright’s version of “Hallelujah,” jaws and tears dropped at the incredible skill and grace the two boasted.

The couple of ice skaters featured in the exemplary performance were trained by Russian ice skater and silver Olympic winner, Ilya Izyaslavovich Averbukh, himself. And it truly shows!

In a video of the children’s graceful “Hallelujah” show, they are shown lying down head-to-head at the time the music begins. They gracefully point their index finger up to the “sky” one at a time as if to point at funny-shaped clouds or constellations, sharing a romantic moment together.

Shortly after, the boy plants a kiss on the girl’s face as she’s standing in the opposite direction. That’s when the young skaters truly begin their show on skates.

Still moving slowly to the calm beat of the song, lifting their arms in a poised manner, the skaters’ performance thus far is quite peaceful and beautiful.

Source: MetaSpoon

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