Ducks Rob Cat Of Treats So He Plans Revenge That Has The Internet In Splits

December 8, 2018 VIDEOS


So, today you will see a video that is, plainly put, completely implausible but oh so funny! It surrounds a guy, his cat, and a group of ducks. The scene? The duck pond. The young man is hanging out with his kitty—the one who is holding a bag of treats. Just then, a duck approaches the sassy cat and steals its bag of treats. What does the cat do? Get revenge, duh!

The kitty persists to enter the water but to no avail. It’s cold, wet, and the cat is not a fan at all. So, it settles back down next to its owner with a blanket wrapped around its little body. Its owner, however, is simply not having it. Together, the pair creates a contraption that will succeed, and it’s just too funny! The cat finally gets revenge, steals back its snacks, and looks like a total boss!

The owner of the video, Aaron’s Animals, has proven to do exceedingly well on YouTube, creating tons of content that’s entertaining and hilarious. This particular video was seen a whopping four million views, and has comments such as, “There’s nothing more beautiful than a bromance between a full grown man and his cat,” and, “This should so be a commercial during the Super Bowl!”

Give the giggle-worthy video a watch, and see the hilariousness for yourself—you won’t regret it. Then, once you’re done laughing your head off, be sure to like and share the video with your nearest and dearest.

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