Border Collies Don’t Have Sheep To Herd So They Invent Their Own

January 7, 2020 VIDEOS


Though most dogs can make great pets in the right circumstances, it’s important that a dog’s personality and exercise requirements match up with their owner’s lifestyle.

For instance, certain breeds are known for their laziness. While all dogs require some exercise, there are breeds that are known as couch potatoes and are perfectly happy with a leisurely 10 to 15-minute walk a couple of times a day. On the other hand, there are other breeds that need a lot more exercise; think at least an hour or more per day.

Dog breeds that are considered “herding breeds” are known for their energy and intelligence. These dogs were originally bred to do a specific job that required athleticism and hard work and some of those dogs still perform their duties today. If you own one of these dogs, you already know that if you don’t give them a job or a purpose then they will find one on our their own.


One of my own dogs is a herding dog, though a different breed than the dogs in this fantastic video; they are Border Collies and he is an Australian Cattle Dog. But, having been a working dog before he retired a few years ago, he is very high-energy and still likes to have a job, although the requirements have changed. He once rounded up horses and mules in the mountains of Wyoming, but he now makes sure that I never go anywhere without company, even just to the other room. Basically, he’ll herd anything that moves.

The Border Collies in the video below are nicknamed “The Fabulous Five” and for a good reason! When they have a bit of downtime from herding sheep you might think that they would like a little break. But, not these dogs!

With fun, Irish music playing in the background and a beautiful backdrop of a grassy, green field, a couple of the dogs show off something known as the “Collie Walk.” With an intense stare, they creep slowly along. They barely move and at times are completely still. Then, as if by some invisible signal, they release all of that pent-up energy and show off their amazing speed and agility.

Source: Metaspoon

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