A Dogs Motherly Instinct Drives Her To Do The Unthinkable. I’m So Touched

July 18, 2017 VIDEOS


So this mom got news that a bunch of little kitties had been found abandoned in dumpsite, so she took one of them home and become its foster mom. She feed Lucky with some milk and left the small feline on the couch. That’s when Tink, the family dog, decided to introduce herself to the new family member. She climbed on the couch and started nursing the kitten!

This dog had real motherly instincts. She even started feeding the little kitty, with real milk coming out of her! She would protect and carry Luck around the house like her own kid. Seeing this, the foster mom decided to keep the cat for good. The little one was too loved by everybody to be taken away from them!

This story proves that canines, too, have motherly instincts. Tink didn’t care whether or not Lucky was actually a cat. She just wanted to take care of the little creature, and so she did. That’s what any mom would do!

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