This Dog Takes StageAnd Shocks The Judges And The Audience… UNBELIEVABLE!

June 22, 2017 VIDEOS


The love for music which dogs have is quite a strange affair. This impassioned relationship is brought out in one occasion when one Bulldog that was on a car ride was forced to join in a sing along as “You Raise Me Up” one of Josh Groban’s songs was playing. However, the video below is my new favorite. One dog named Lady Xena that had attended Belgium’s Got Tale took the stage and expressed what she’s really made of.

Upon hearing the rendition of Whitney Houston’s song “I Will Always Love You,” she goes into a feverish mood. She goes into another gear when Whitney reaches the much loved chorus. She’s highly absorbed by the music world. Her performance makes the judges and the audience to react hysterically. I’m a great fan of Whitney Houston and I’m pleased to know that a four-legged fan exists somewhere.

As revealed by Xena’s owners, Daphnée and Mick, they had brought her home when she was 12 weeks of age. They remembered the first time they had gone to a café while Xena was asleep. When Whitney Houston’s song started playing, she woke up and started singing/crying. It all looked odd!

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