Dog Spent A Lifetime Chained To A Wall… She Cries When They Free Her!

May 9, 2019 VIDEOS


Last month, a touching video came on the web, in which good people came to the aid of one poor dog. This whole life was tied to the chain on the wall, and the owners did not even gave their dog a name.

Now she has settled in better hands, thanks to good people from a voluntary animal society who saved her…

Viktor Larkhill, Youtube
The owner stopped taking care of the dog a long time ago, so she was always tied to the chain all the time. There were only machines and wheels of the tractor around her.

When the people from the shelter approached the dog, they could hardly hold tears near the scene. She had a big growth on the abdomen, and she always cried in pain when they touched her.

Because the owner did not named the dog, the rescuers were now given her a name Maria.

When they took the dog to the clinic, she cried out of happiness. Many are convinced that she showed her gratitude to the good people who have saved her. Now Maria is waiting for an emergency surgery, and her rescuers are asking for donations so they can help her…

If you want to adopt Maria, please write to her saviour Viktor Larkhill at v.larkhill@gmail.com

Source: klipland

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