Dog Sings Will You Be There Along With Her Human

April 26, 2019 VIDEOS


What’s better than cruising with the windows down, singing with your favorite tune on the radio? It’s even more fun with your best bud, even if they’re not quite human.

Just look at Honey, one dog that simply adores Michael Jackson.

Honey doesn’t lose it for any MJ track, though. She’s calm as can be until mom Melissa puts on a very specific song by the King of Pop: “Will You Be There”. And then, Honey really starts to sing!

If you’ve ever seen Free Willy, you’ll know—or at least have heard—this track before. Even if you’re no Michael Jackson buff. It’s the music that plays when an animal and a person become fast friends. Seems like Honey has great taste.

Sharp-eared Melissa quickly realized how talented Honey was and decided to catch it on camera. She filmed this particular performance and posted it online in a group on social media, aptly named: “I Love My Dog”. The online group is a Facebook community where dog fans all over can share photos, anecdotes, and footage of their best doggy friends.

Of course, there’s loads of canine awesomeness to be found there, but none quite like Honey’s amazing performance. Isn’t she talented!

Well, that is, she might not be pitch perfect—but Honey sings like there’s no tomorrow. I’m pretty sure she sings much better than many humans I’ve crossed paths with. Maybe it’s her undiluted passion!

What do you think?