Dog Sees Wounded Cat Lying On The Pavement. His Next Move Is Heroic

March 26, 2017 VIDEOS


Animals have emotions. Pet lovers can testify to this fact. Pets understand their environment. We have heard of stories of where pets rescued their owners from thedanger of fires and burglars. However, it is very rare for an animal to save another.

One dog was minding his business when he came across a wounded cat. The cute dog cancels his duties; and stays with the injured feline. The dog barks and calls for attention till help arrives.

However, when the dog approaches the cat, the cat becomes defensive. It is was a sad sight, but helping the poor cat is the sweetest thing you will ever witness.

The pooch does not give up till two men approach and take the cat to the vet. Would do you think the pooch’s woofs mean?

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