German Shepherd Dog Protects Schnauzer From Dalmatians

June 8, 2020 VIDEOS


Video from the park of dogs, where the dogs were filmed during the game, gained a lot of views online.

However, a problem may arise during the game – this is exactly what happened when the Dalmatian attacked an evil dog.

The author of the video notes that he downloaded it online only as an expression of behavior among other dogs in the park. During the game, the tension between some dogs increased, and the Dalmatian immediately attacked the little schnauzer.

Gumby’s Imperial Media.Youtube

As soon as the Dalmatian clenched his teeth, he came to defend the German Shepherd Schnauzer. He made it clear that there would be no fights in the garden in Dalmyan, and now YouTube videos were watched about 2 million times.

From a dog park, a German shepherd stops fighting and teaches a lesson to Dalmatians.

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