Dog Has Been Chained To Wall For 8 Years, Her Reaction When She Sees Rescuers Will Break Your Heart.

February 24, 2018 VIDEOS


Sit back and try to think about it: What’s really wrong with people who get pets only to chain them up in the compound like some prisoners in a concentration camp? What’s really wrong with such people? I never get it!

You see this dog in the video? Her name is Lola. This dog had a family and a home, yes, but what she went through compares to living in a prison or some hostage camp in the middle of nowhere. Can you imagine what it feels like to get chained up for 8 years? 8 years!

The innocent dog didn’t do anything to deserve this kind of treatment. I even wonder why in this whole white world the owners still kept her if they couldn’t bring themselves to treat her with love and respect. Who does that?!

But fate always has a plan, even for the most miserable. Lola was finally rescued from the hell of a home she lived in for 8 years. Watch the video here and see what happened when the rescuers showed up. She’s so friendly!

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