This Dog Can’t Stop Doing This Until He Gets A Home. What Do You Think?

April 20, 2017 VIDEOS


Tagg, ten months old, is already aware that he does not wish to use his remaining life locked up, so he is out to find a residence. Tagg has lived at the Bernardino City Animal Shelter. The place is busy with very few volunteers to accommodate the several dogs. Now Tagg has made up his mind to do something assist himself get shelter and get away from this undesirable living circumstances, and you will like just how he goes about with his plan.

Each day the dog raises and stands on his hind legs with his fore paws on the metallic door. He looks out all day with hopes that somebody will someplace see his prettiness and do him the favor of taking him up. Tagg needs a dwelling place, and he is making efforts to get one.

You have to watch the video and see how adorable he looks each day. This dog certainly deserves a nice home. Please SHARE widely with all pet lovers on Twitter and Facebook!

What do you think?