Dog Becomes Surrogate Mother Of Baby Quails

January 18, 2017 VIDEOS


Most dogs would be more interested in eating these quails than protecting them but this gentle giant has become their surrogate mother. He is deeply concerned about their well-being and watches over them like he is their mother. He even lies on the rug and lets them climb all over his paws. He gives them kisses and makes sure they do not get hurt.

It is so adorable to see this video and watch as the tiny quails surround him. He is so gentle with them and does not mind them flurrying around him. It is clear these quails will never have to worry about being safe because their protector will always be watching over them. These quails are so tiny, it is almost difficult to see them in the rug. This dog is their caretaker and he is a proud “Papa.” Enjoy this video and be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.

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