Doctors Are Amazed To Find Man Had A Giant Egg Pressing On His Bladder

January 12, 2017 VIDEOS


This is one of those video stories you just have got to see to believe! The man in this video had been having trouble with frequent urination and did not know why. He said during the night, he would have to run to the bathroom so he could make it. It turns out, he had a large egg-like mass pressing on his bladder. When you see it taken out of his body, you will not be able to believe it!

His doctor explained the mass formed when a piece of fat broke loose and became calcified. Over the years, it continued to grow in size, reaching the size of a four-inch egg. The man was rather proud of his “egg” and wanted to keep it. He said it came out of him and was his! His story made a prestigious medical journal and he is happy his bladder issues are over. Check out this video and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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