Despite Her Loud Cries, No One Seemed To Hear Her, Then A Stranger Came Along. WOW!

April 20, 2017 VIDEOS


Whenever I come across a moment like the one featured in the clip below, my heart really hurts. It is so sad that there are those who treat pets as if they are not living creatures. Like other creatures, pets need to be protected from any form of abuse. Imagine the way they care for us and wait for us the entire day to return home, only to be mistreated like the one you are meeting below.

Andie is the name of the pet we are talking about.The owners took the 10-weeks-old pup to a heap of trash and tied her with heavier chains. Life was about to losing meaning to her because despite all her cries, no one cared and she finally caught some disease.

That was the case until PETA came along. She took her in and transformed her life. She now has a loving family, a toy to play with and protected from the harsh weather conditions.

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