Dad Goes To Home Depot For Parts For Son’s Walker, Workers Tell Him To Return In 1 Hour

July 23, 2019 VIDEOS


Acts of kindness come in many forms. Purchasing food for the person behind you at a fast-food restaurant, volunteering at a local soup kitchen, and donating necessities to a homeless shelter are just some of the many ways you can give back to our community and those around you.

The whole idea behind engaging in random acts of kindness isn’t to be noticed by others or receive something in return. Rather, the intent is to make other people’s days or make their lives a little easier from the goodness and selflessness of your heart.

When Justin Moore walked into Home Depot to purchase parts to construct a temporary walker for his 2-year-old son, Logan, little did he know that the store’s employees would be so generous.

As an infant, Logan was growing as similar to most babies. However, what made him different was his physical setback. Logan was having difficulty raising his head and getting around. It wasn’t until his parents Christian and Justin took him to the doctor that they discovered that their baby has a condition called hypotonia or floppy baby syndrome.

The Moores were already grateful for the Home Depot’s employees and their hard work, but then Cathy told them that they wouldn’t be charging them for the walker. Can you say goosebumps and watery eyes?!

Thanks to Home Depot, Logan will be able to learn to walk and explore the world around him. While he will need extensive therapy in the future, the walker will still give the little guy the headstart he deserves!

Watch the video below to see little Logan’s adorable reaction to getting his new walker from Home Depot. He is such a sweet, happy toddler!

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